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The staff at Aqua Hut is dedicated to making your diving experience easy and pleasurable. Owning your own equipment will make your dives easier and safer, and we’re here to help you get the right equipment for you, your budget, and your diving style.

Rental Rates
Gift Ideas

Brands We Carry

Aqua Hut is an authorized dealer for major equipment manufacturers including:

We also carry products from the following distributors:

Rental Rates

  Daily Weekly
Regulator, octo, gauges 18.00 75.00
Wet Suit  (Cold Water) 15.00 60.00
Tank 10.00 40.00
BCD 18.00 75.00
Premium BCD (weight-integrated) 20.00 85.00
Computer, wrist 20.00 75.00
Fins 8.00 35.00
Wt. Belt, Weights 5.00 20.00
Hood 5.00 20.00
Boots 5.00 20.00
Gloves 5.00 20.00
Shorty 10.00 40.00
Cold Water Set (Regulator, BCD , Suit, Hood, Gloves, Tank, Wt.) 75.00

Student Special 60.00
Warm Water Set (Regulator, BCD, Computer, Shorty)   150.00

Air Fills:
Aluminum: $5.00
Hi-Pressure DIN: $6.00

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Our in-house service department can do repairs on most major brands.
Please allow 2 weeks for most repairs.

Tanks: Tanks must be visually inspected every year and hydro tested every 5 years.
Hydro $14.95 -plus parts
VIP and Fill $14.95-plus parts
Regulators etc.: For your safety, your regulator should be serviced annually.
Regulator Overhaul Primary $49.95-plus parts
Regulator Annual Service $39.95-plus parts
Octopus Service $15.00-plus parts
Valve Overhaul J-$15.95      K-$12.95     plus parts
BCD Service $15.00-plus parts
Gauge Chamber Test $9.95-plus parts

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Diver's Wish List

If you are looking for a present for a friend or family member, we can help you!
Just review our Diver's Wish List below. You will find gifts for every budget, starting at under $25.

Remember, a gift certificate is always a great gift!
Gifts Under $25, $50, $100, $300, $500
Gifts Over $500


Gifts Under $25

  Neo Mask Strap
  Dry Box, waterproof pouch
  First Aid Kit
  Spare Parts Kit
  Travel books/ Fish ID Slates

 • Warm water Gloves/ Socks/ Cap
 • Zippered Log Organizer
  Scuba Tool
  Marker Lite
  Diver License Plate Frame
  Regulator Bag

Gifts Under $50

  PADI Encyclopedia of  Diving (soft cover)
  Erasable Slate
  Skin Suit
  Retractable Gauge holder

  Ikelite PC Lite
 Cold water hood, gloves
  Dry Snorkels
  Snorkeling Fin
  Mesh Gear Backpack
  Dive Knife

Gifts Under $100

  PADI Encyclopedia of Diving (hard cover)
  Henderson Microprene Suit
  Dive Masks
  Optical Lenses

 • Open Heel Fins
  Dive watch
  Dive Luggage

Gifts Under $300

  PADI Specialty Courses
  Aqua Lung Titan Regulator
  Sherwood Magnum Regulator
  Gekko wrist computer

  Gauge Console
  Octopus/ Alt Inflator Octopus
  Atomic Split Fins
  Henderson Thermoprene/Hyperstretch Suit

Gifts Under $500

  PADI Continuing Education Courses
  Aqua Ling Legend ACD or Titan LX  Regulator
  Sherwood Blizzard

  Select Sea Quest BCDs
  Spare Air/ Nitrox Spare Air
  Suunto Vyper or Gekko computer

Gifts Over $500

  PADI Open Water Diver Course
  Suunto Cobra computer

  Atomic T1, B1, M1 Regulator
  Select Sea Quest BCDs


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